About Teoxane: Story, Values and Journey

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Teoxane specializes in the innovative development of hyaluronic acid solutions and with over 20 years of dedicated experience, we are continually evolving in the field of facial beauty science. 

Every drop of Teoxane’s hyaluronic acid is a result of Swiss precision and scientific rigor, aimed at enhancing appearance and well-being, thereby subtly enriching lives with a touch of beauty.

Who We Are

Teoxane headquarters, based in Geneva Switzerland, produced 3,000,000 boxes in 2022, reaching over 90 countries with its 15 formulations, owns 180 patent titles, and markets a range of 14 at-home skincare products***** inspired from aesthetic medicine and manufactured with Teoxane’s signature ingredient, RHA®.1

20 years Of Injecting More Beauty Into The World

As we mark two decades of innovation and excellence, join us in a special journey through the eyes of our dedicated employees, esteemed Key Opinion Leaders and valued partners. This testimonial video not only reflects on our rich history but also looks forward to an exciting future, woven together by shared experiences and aspirations. Let's celebrate the milestones and envision the next chapters of our story together.

Founding and Fundamental Values : Independence, Innovation and Culture of Excellence

Independence, along with our culture of innovation & excellence are the three founding and fundamental values at Teoxane.

Valérie Taupin, Founder & CEO

Twenty years after the creation of Teoxane, I remain faithful to the company’s founding values: excellence, innovation and independence. It is on these foundations that I built Teoxane's culture, which is as strong as ever. 

In an industry that has become ultra-competitive, we are proud to be an independent Swiss company that is among the market leaders and continues to offer its customers increasingly effective and sophisticated anti-aging solutions.


Our story begins with our founder and CEO, Ms Valérie Taupin, who single-handedly built Teoxane from the ground up. Her belief was that only an independent player could shake up the aesthetic medicine industry to offer the change and innovation it needed. Twenty years later, Teoxane remains the only independent dermal filler and skin care company among key leaders in the industry. There is no external pressure or influence from shareholders. This allows us to build a long-term vision we believe in, to take risks and think outside the box when we invest in new projects. 



We commit to excel in every aspect of our business. As a company, we constantly strive for scientific excellence. We have our very own integrated Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing site. It allows us to stay ahead of market trends and implement cutting edge technology to our gels in order to create innovative, high-quality product with optimal aesthetic properties that meet your needs.  Teoxane also aspires to be the leading medical educator for aesthetic professionals. We offer clinically-relevant, custom-tailored, and online trainings, designed and taught by experts, to help enhance the delivery of medical aesthetic treatments.



Innovation is at the heart of all we do.  By focusing all our research into the science of hyaluronic acid (HA), we continue to pioneer new innovations and provide high quality HA-derived products to the aesthetic market.. We proudly do it all in-house, with a determination to keep our reputation for major breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine and dermocosmetics. We have dedicated nearly a decade to the development of our HA technology and as a result have designed a unique formulation of Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA), which preserves the length and mobile quality of natural HA chains for dynamic fillers that adapt to facial movement2


Valérie Taupin, CEO & Founder

Creating, exploring, observing, surprising, I am proud and delighted to develop a company that continues to offer its customers beauty solutions that are at the forefront of scientific research, and always more effective, safer and more sophisticated.