Hyaluronic Acid Expertise: Your Guide to At-Home and In-Clinic Solutions 

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At Teoxane, we fully believe in the outsanding potential of HA¹. Our R&D department works every day to refine the structure and properties of HA hydrogels, optimizing their quality and benefits, while always ensuring its safety and ease of use²

Our expertise in Hyaluronic Acid is rooted in 20 years of dedicated research and innovative application. 

So believe us when we say that everything you can possibly know about HA, we know. As a result, we have expanded HA uses and benefits in both fillers and skincare. 

Beauty is dynamic

Everything in beauty is dynamic, from the hyaluronic acid in our skin to the expressions and emotions that brighten our faces

Did you know?

Facial expressions can come and go in less than 30 milliseconds3. Voluntary expressions last between ½ to 4 seconds, while involuntary ones occur in ½ a second or less4.

Yet for decades, HA-based traditional dermal fillers have been designed and tested in static conditions that do not reflect the movements our faces make when we speak, smile or laugh, which can result in stiff and unnatural outcomes5.

This is when our unique RHA technology comes in.

Catering to your skin goals, Teoxane supports your beauty journey, both at home and in the clinic. 

In Clinic Solutions - Dermal Fillers


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Teoxane is devoted to crafting high-quality hyaluronic acid fillers with your unique facial expressions in mind. Understanding the importance of both safety and lasting results, our fillers are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural anatomy5, enhancing every area of the face while ensuring your comfort and well-being. 

We're proud to be the first to focus on the natural movement of your face, thanks to our innovative TEOSYAL RHA® range, which move harmoniously with your expressions, offering versatile and natural results tailored to you5

At Teoxane, we're not just creating fillers; we're enhancing your unique beauty with every smile and every expression.

Your Aesthetic Journey With Fillers 

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where innovative technology and expert care blend to guide you through every step of your dermal filler experience.

01 - Understanding Your Options

We know that deciding on dermal filler treatment can feel overwhelming, but you're not alone in this journey. To help you feel confident and informed, we've gathered all the essential information on our website and our dedicated patient platform (available in select locations), ensuring you walk into the clinic with peace of mind and clarity.

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02 - Getting Ready for Your Consultation

It's a great idea to jot down any questions or thoughts you might have before your appointment. Reflect on what you're looking to achieve – whether it's enhancing a certain area or overall rejuvenation – so your practitioner can understand and realize your personal aesthetic aspirations.

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03 - Finding Your Ideal Practitioner

Your journey to aesthetic enhancement begins with the right partner. Lean on the experiences of friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations to find a practitioner who's not just qualified, but also resonates with your aesthetic vision. It's all about finding someone who understands and aligns with what you're looking for, ensuring a journey that's as reassuring as it is transformative.

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04. The First Consultation 

Your journey to a refreshed look begins with a warm, in-depth consultation. Here, your practitioner will thoughtfully map out a treatment plan that's as unique as you are. They'll walk you through each step of the process, what to expect during the treatment, and the beautiful results you're set to achieve, ensuring you feel comfortable, informed, and excited about your aesthetic journey.

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05. Nurturing Your Transformation: Long-Term Care and Beyond 

After your treatment, it’s all about embracing and maintaining your new look. Don’t hesitate to ask your practitioner for advice on preserving the results and scheduling any future touch-ups. At Teoxane, we take a holistic approach to beauty. Our range of dermocosmetics is designed to complement your treatment, nurturing your skin’s health and radiance. Remember, true beauty is about more than just appearance; it’s about ongoing care that keeps you glowing day after day.

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06. Stay Connected and Informed: 

Follow us on Instagram for expert tips on treatments and skincare routines. We're always here to help you on your beauty journey.

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At Home Solutions - Teoxane Dermocosmetics

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Nurturing Your Skin with Advanced Science

With two decades of research in hyaluronic acid, we aim to introduce you to a world where scientific excellence meets the beauty of aesthetics. Our dermocosmetics are designed for at-home use, offering you professional-grade skincare in the comfort of your own space.

Drawing on our pioneering dermal filler technology, our unique product range, trusted by healthcare professionals, features our signature ingredient: RHA® resilient hyaluronic acid, developed through a patented process for unmatched efficacy7.

As a Swiss laboratory, we infuse excellence and innovation into every formula. Our philosophy is shaped by the cutting-edge advancements of aesthetic medicine, focusing on safety, self-esteem, and empowerment.

Our Expert Range

Our expert anti-aging range addresses key skin concerns: hydration, wrinkles, firmness, and uneven pigmentation6.** It's a skincare routine inspired by aesthetic medicine, a perfect complement to our dermal fillers*, making every day skincare a self-care ritual.

Dermocosmetics range

Discover our Best Sellers

RHA® Serum

Highly hydrating and plumping serum 
+130% hydration after the first application8

R[II] Eyes

Triple action eye contour – wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness

Deep Repair Balm

Ultra-comfort soothing balm 

Advanced Filler

Hydrating and lifting day care

RHA® Serum
R[II] Eyes
Deep Repair Balm
Advanced Filler

RHA® Serum

RHA® Serum

R[II] Eyes

R[II] Eyes

Deep Repair Balm

Deep Repair Balm

Advanced Filler

Advanced Filler

Signature Ingredient – RHA®

Pioneering in the field, we've transformed crosslinked hyaluronic acid into our dermocosmetics, providing strength and optimal hydration to your skin. Our RHA® forms a breathable mesh, trapping moisture for superior hydration, reducing water loss, and smoothing skin texture. The result? Hydrated, plumped, and smooth skin.9

RHA Technology With Chains

Our Formulation Charter

Our 20-year journey in R&D has taken the benefits of hyaluronic acid to new heights. Working alongside healthcare professionals, we develop high-efficacy formulas that balance efficacy with skin tolerance. Our products, combining RHA®*** with active ingredients, are Swiss-made, packaged to preserve integrity, and tested under dermatological control for assured results and sensorial delight6.

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All your questions about Hyaluronic Acid Answered 

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