Our story

Our story

Teoxane hyaluronic acid gel

Your Beauty has a future 

When Madame Valérie Taupin created TEOXANE Laboratories in Geneva in 2003, her vision was crystal clear: to satisfy the ever demanding aesthetic market with high performance, avant-garde products based on rigorous scientific research. 

Today our focus remains unchanged. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and skincare products, applying industry-leading expertise and high-quality standards. 

Building on a firm commitment to innovation and patient satisfaction, we have strengthened our presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. 

TEOXANE is now confirmed as a major player in aesthetic medicine and skincare, offering effective solutions to practitioners worldwide, helping women and men who want to look and feel their best at all times and help them maintain their beauty in the future.


TEOSYAL® dermal fillers

TEOSYAL® is a complete range of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, created and manufactured under optimal safety and high-quality requirements in our Geneva laboratories. This award-winning line of dermal fillers is made of 100% non-animal origin and biodegradable hyaluronic acid that is highly biocompatible, offering patients immediate and long-lasting results.1-3

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals*

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals’ unique skincare line is perfectly adapted and complementary to professional aesthetic procedures, created using the excellence of Swiss science. Our premium products help maintain the results of such procedures while soothing skin as well as hydrating and revitalizing the skin. The appearance of common signs of ageing will be further reduced.4-6


*TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals range are cosmetic product according to European Regulation 1223/2009. Excepted Radiant Night Peel which is a medical device, class I, according to Directive 93/42/EEC. Cosmeceuticals products are not designed to be injected.

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