Excellence in Medical Education 

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At Teoxane, we recognize that excellence in medical aesthetics requires more than just exceptional products; it demands a commitment to continuous learning, collaboration, and partnership. 

Join us on this exciting journey and experience the power of our treatment solutions tailored to the specific beauty needs of each patient.

Adapting to Every Professional's Journey

Innovative Medical Approach

Explore Teoxane's Medical Innovation: Discover our evidence-based treatment plan and advanced injection techniques, pioneering new standards in aesthetic medicine.

Pioneered by Teoxane, ATP (Assessment & Anatomy, Techniques, Products) is our signature patient-centric approach, harnessing two decades of medical excellence and best practices1

This methodology equips practitioners with comprehensive tools and insights to deliver treatments finely tuned to each patient's unique needs, ensuring predictable, natural-looking results that honor individual facial expressions and characteristics2.

Our MultiLayering Technique (MLT) is a testament to the versatility of our RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) range, enabling a layered approach to fillers for naturally dynamic results. This technique, born from the rheological properties of our RHA fillers, allows for a tailored application across different facial layers. 

With MLT 3.1, we further refine this methodology, integrating our skin beauty boosting protocol3,4, to enhance both the depth and surface for stunning, long-lasting outcomes that move in harmony with each patient’s unique facial expressions.

Our publication on the ATP approach for midface rejuvenation won “Best International Paper published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal” award

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What Makes Teoxane Education Different?

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