The Science Behind Every Drop

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Since its creation in 2003, Teoxane Laboratories , under the visionary leadership of Ms. Valérie Taupin, have been focused on scientific innovation and producing high-quality dermal fillers1 and dermocosmetics.

A blend of deep anatomical knowledge, two decades of hyaluronic acid expertise, and a passion for progress defines our approach in aesthetic medicine. 


The Swiss Leading Expert In The Science Of Hyaluronic Acid 

Based in Geneva, our integrated research, development, and state-of-the-art manufacturing center, devoted exclusively to hyaluronic acid, allows us to innovate and create solutions that have significantly influenced global dermal filler practices

R&D underpins everything we do

At Teoxane, research and development are the lifeblood of our expertise. Our focus is on crafting the most sophisticated dermal fillers and dermocosmetics, driven by a foundational commitment to advanced science. This commitment is equally balanced with our dedication to safety and satisfaction for both patients and healthcare professionals. optimal safety, and practitioner satisfaction. This dedication not only establishes our credibility among healthcare professionals but also underscores our role as forward-thinking leaders in aesthetic medicine.

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Our Research & Innovation 

Teoxane’s Research Team, with its deep expertise in Biopolymers science and tissue engineering, is actively advancing our next-generation product line. By transforming novel scientific concepts and technologies into tangible solutions, we aim to develop innovative devices that anticipate and fulfill the evolving needs of patients and practitioners. Our ongoing research enhances our mastery in new crosslinking techniques, broadening our filler range to achieve more natural and effective results. 

The team employs a comprehensive three-pillar approach for HA gel evaluation:

Biopolymer Chemistry

Synthesis + Formulation + Physico-Chemical Characterization Prototypes and Analysis of gel formulas using state-of-the-art equipment and methods developed in collaboration with our Development Team


Mechanical analysis, rheology and injectability going beyond traditional static measures and incorporate movement to better predict gel behaviour once injected


Assessment of gel formulas in terms of safety (risk of inflammation and cytotoxicity) and additional benefits (bio-stimulation potential for better skin quality)

Innovation In Numbers


patent titles


unique formulations


aesthetic scales

Innovative fillers technology 

Our vision and foundations set the tone for our successes so far – including the first* dynamic fillers (TEOSYAL RHA® range)2 and under eye filler (Teosyal® Puresense Redensity 2)3– and they remain firmly in place today, continuing to inspire us moving forward.


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We know we are strongest when we work hand in glove – creating a sense of togetherness.

In partnership with our HCPs, we promote a scientifically based, human-centric approach, grounded in deep anatomical and physiological expertise.

François Bourdon, R&D Director

We work closely with expert injectors to benefit from their clinical expertise and collect their feedback. In this way, we can combine our know-how and experience in the laboratory with what the patient, practitioner and physician need from a product.

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Our gel technology being put to test
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Advancing Science

At Teoxane, our R&D team is not just committed to innovation; we are dedicated to contributing to the broader scientific community for the greater good. Our vigorous publication activity in aesthetic medicine showcases our ongoing efforts to advance scientific understanding and share our discoveries for collective benefit.

Valérie Taupin, CEO & Founder

As the founder of Teoxane, I fully understand this ever-growing desire to look and feel your best. I have gathered around me experts in the complex development of hyaluronic acid injectable gels and dermocosmetics. Research teams, driven by a strong culture of excellence, innovation and safety, ensure that our hyaluronic acid gels are of the highest quality and purity. That is my promise to you.