We believe in a world 
where everyone has a 
right to look and feel 
their very best self, by 
defining their own vision 
of beauty. 


Based on the science of anatomy and physiology, we designed a collection of dermal fillers and a dermocosmetic range that are as individual as you, for natural-looking outcomes.

Behind every dreamy look, every playful smile and every expressive face, lies the power of the TEOXANE drop.


At TEOXANE, we strongly trust that a small act of beauty done in the right place can have a huge impact on your life.


Together with our HCP partners, we thus strive to empower everyone to attain their own ideal aesthetic allowing them to radiate confidence from the inside out.


"We advance the science
of facial aesthetics

to bring more 
beauty to the world"


Every drop of TEOXANE’s hyaluronic acid is a concentrate of Swiss science created to have a desired effect on how you look and feel, ultimately filling* your life with beauty.


Global experts
in Hyaluronic Acid

We specialize in the development of hyaluronic acid solutions and pioneer in the science of facial beauty

With 20 years of innovation, everything there is to know about hyaluronic acid…we know.


at the forefront

Since 2003, we have been guided by our vision for scientific innovation and excellence. 

First dermal filler company to put facial movement at the heart of its products with the Teosyal RHA® range, TEOXANE continues to grow and challenge the limits of aesthetic medicine and dermocosmetics.


Benji DhillonRaul CettoRosso

TEOXANE is first a collective of individuals that carry with them a passion and spirit of learning, collaborating, educating, and partnering with experts to elevate the world of medical aesthetics.

We created the TEOXANE Academy to support practitioners innovating their daily practice and advancing patient care, through a high-level injector education.


Closer partnership
with our network of 
trusted experts

Fiercely independent, we nevertheless walk alongside our experts, every step of the way. We keep things real, building trusting relationships. We know we are strongest when we work hand in glove – creating a sense of togetherness.

Our holistic
approach of beauty

Our holistic approach of beauty
Designer fillers

You can hinge on our designer fillers: quality, safety and excellence are at the foundations of our innovative design and manufacturing processes, resulting in a one-of-a-kind products portfolio created to meet the uniqueness of your features.


Dermocosmetics inspired by ground-breaking dermal fillers technology


From inside to outside, you can trust Teoxane in clinic and at home to bring its expertise and express the full potential of your beauty.


Inspired by ground-breaking dermal fillers technology, we thus offer a unique range of dermocosmetics trusted by healthcare professionals and formulated with our signature ingredient: RHA resilient hyaluronic acid®

We offer a unique range of dermocosmetics trusted by healthcare professionals and formulated with our signature ingredient: RHA resilient hyaluronic acid®

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Let’s continue 

on this journey 


Teoxane, inject more 
beauty into your life