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Always at the forefront

At Teoxane, R&D underpins everything we do


Since 2003, we have been guided by our vision for scientific innovation and excellence. Our founder, Ms Valérie Taupin, instilled this immediately, with the goal of creating the most innovative, highest-quality dermal fillers and dermocosmetics on the market.

Our foundations in science and excellence are matched by our human side – a determination to provide optimal safety and satisfaction for patient and healthcare professionals (HCPs). These come together to create a daring approach, to drive forward aesthetic medicine.

Scientific Experts

Innovation with a unique medical approach, to ensure clinical performance

Quality Experts

Swiss excellence, to guarantee precision, reliability, and safety

Patient Champions

Agile and empathetic, to offer the highest level of satisfaction

Daring Thinkers

Fiercely independent, to challenge standards and push boundaries

Our vision and foundations set the tone for our successes so far – including the first* dynamic fillers (TEOSYAL RHA® range)1 and under eye filler (Teosyal® Puresense Redensity 2)2-4 – and they remain firmly in place today, continuing to inspire us moving forward.

The science behind every drop


A science rooted in a deep knowledge of human anatomy, 20 years of experience in developing hyaluronic acid solutions and a genuine desire to lead progress and innovation.

We established our integrated Research, Development & state of the art Manufacturing site in the heart of Geneva with a singular focus on hyaluronic acid – this has enabled us to develop technologies and solutions that have changed the way experts globally use dermal fillers.

Our in-house capabilities include: 

Research & Innovation 

Expanding Teoxane’s next-generation product line by taking new scientific concepts and technologies and turning them into reality

Product & Analytics

Developing and characterising new products to bring innovation to the market

Clinical Development

Demonstrating safety and clinical performance through high quality of investigations

Intellectual Property

Protecting our products and processes for continuous innovation around the world

In partnership with our HCPs, we promote a scientifically based, human-centric approach, grounded in deep anatomical and physiological expertise.  We know we are strongest when we work hand in glove – creating a sense of togetherness.

François Bourdon

Director of R&D, Teoxane Laboratories

We work closely with expert injectors to benefit from their clinical expertise and collect their feedback. In this way, we can combine our know-how and experience in the laboratory with what the patient, practitioner and physician need from a product.

Research & Innovation


Based on their Biopolymers science and tissue engineering expertise, the Research Team is expanding Teoxane’s next-generation product line by taking new scientific concepts and technologies and turning them into reality. Their goal is to create new devices to anticipate and meet the patient and practitioners’ needs. 

We are continuously enriching our knowledge, to help us pioneer new crosslinking techniques that expand the range of indications with specific fillers that deliver more natural-looking results.

To better understand and characterise our HA gels, the Research Team has developed a 3-pillar approach to their evaluation:

Biopolymer Chemistry

Synthesis + Formulation + Physico-Chemical Characterization Prototypes and Analysis of gel formulas using state-of-the-art equipment and methods developed in collaboration with our Development Team


Mechanical analysis, rheology and injectability going beyond traditional static measures and incorporate movement to better predict gel behaviour once injected


Assessment of gel formulas in terms of safety (risk of inflammation and cytotoxicity) and additional benefits (bio-stimulation potential for better skin quality)

As our Research Team enriches its knowledge about fillers and creates new products, we want to help HCPs stay up to date with the latest developments. Accordingly, the Teoxane Academy provides expert-led training, webinars, podcasts, and conferences around the world.


Product & Analytics Development


Our Development Team takes the concepts developed by our Research Team and uses them to improve the reliability of the future products, packaging components and accessories. 

Our design control process – a systematic method – ensures safe, effective, and reliable industrialisation in line with global regulatory requirements.

It is also tasked with developing and refining manufacturing processes. This includes characterisation and analytical methods, biological safety evaluations and stability studies using elaborate and state-of the art techniques. Together, these enable us to manufacture safe products that deliver the results our patient wants.

By delving deeper into HA science, we developed our Teosyal RHA® line of fillers. Our unique, nature-inspired crosslinking technology preserves dynamic long chains of hyaluronic acid.


Our clinical excellence is evidenced by extensive publications, research and clinical and post-marketing surveillance data which aim to ensure high precision, quality and safety from start to finish.

Clinical Development


Our products are investigated by experienced research clinicians over the course of more than a decade, to support their short- and long-term safety and efficacy.

Our commitment to robust clinical investigation with high-quality standards (randomized controlled trials) means we can say with confidence that our dermal fillers benefits are scientifically proven, supporting their premium position in the market. 

And, based on its outstanding safety, efficacy and durability results, our RHA® range (RHA® 2,3 & 4) has become the first and only FDA-approved range of dermal fillers for the correction of dynamic wrinkles.5


Intellectual Property


At Teoxane, we innovate to add value and quality to the field of aesthetic medicine.

After years of rigorous research and extensive collaboration, we have disrupted the aesthetics market. By incorporating facial movement into gel design and manufacture, we have challenged the traditional approach and pioneered a new path.

Our patent portfolio covers our production and marketing territories around the world, and we aim to continue its growth thanks to the excellence, independence, and constant innovation of our researchers.


Independently owned, we always push boundaries, go the extra mile, aiming to drive progress – by encouraging bold decision making, courageous conversations and visionary action. Teoxane are there for you every step of the way, from anticipating your needs, to delivering life-changing results


Teoxane, the leading Swiss expert in the science of hyaluronic acid