The Leading Swiss Expert 

In The Science Of Hyaluronic Acid 

Founded in 2003 by Valérie Taupin, Teoxane Laboratories, located in Geneva, are a testament to innovation and quality in the field of Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers**** and dermocosmetics*. 
Our two-decade commitment to scientific research and consumer safety highlights our approach to facial aesthetics. We strive to enhance beauty in its many forms, providing educational insights and innovative solutions.
At Teoxane, we welcome each individual's unique journey towards beauty, empowering lives through our advanced, safe science and high-performance products1.

The leading Swiss expert in the science of hyaluronic acid

Injecting More Beauty into Lives 

with Hyaluronic Acid

As a laboratory, we are dedicated to the innovative creation of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) formulations, setting new standards in the world of aesthetics and skincare.


By the Numbers: Our Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Guided by innovation, excellence, and independence, Teoxane Laboratories has become a recognized name in aesthetic medicine worldwide. The following achievements offer a snapshot of our dedication and the impact we have made in the field.

90+ countries

Operating in over 90 countries, our presence signifies a trust in our expertise and innovations worldwide

30 Million Syringes

A milestone which underlines our reliability and the confidence that healthcare professionals and patients place in our products.

600+ Employees

Our growing team embodies our commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence in aesthetic medicine.

180+ patent titles 

With over 180 patent titles, 15 unique formulations, and 14 at home products we showcase our continuous innovation and leadership in Hyaluronic Acid technology.

50,000+ HCPs trained

Annually, we educate over 50,000 professionals, guided by 300 Key Opinion Leaders. This reflects our dedication to not just lead the discussion but also promote a better and safer industry.


Our pionneering approches ATP and MLT highlight our commitment to bringing new solutions to aesthetic medicine.

At Teoxane, we believe in a world where beauty is a source of confidence and empowerment.

Through our dedication to hyaluronic acid, we aspire to make this vision a reality for every individual.

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Best managed companies in Switzerland award by Deloitte
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